- company DEVELOPMENT -


Founded in 2007, Our company is a talent and technology driven private joint/stock corporation. . We have used our advanced technological process and combined them along with the rich local resources to form a complete state of the art, modern titanium mill that includes: melting, forging, rolling, drawing and fabricating. All of this this enables us to offer our customers quality products at a most competitive price.

 We have grown tremendously due to our advancement in sales and technology centers established in the U.S. and Germany which has allowed us to devote our progress and development of the  Aerospace and Space industry through research and application of the advanced materials TC now manufactures.  

TC provides competitive, safe, and reliable services and products for the world in the field of Aerospace Coil, and Rod, as well as Plate and Sheet.  With a mill capacity of 10,000 tons of producing titanium alloys we continue to strive for excellence in the field of Aerospace by offering shorter lead-time and JIT programs.  

Corporate office building
Corporate office building

- science & technology intelligence oriented -

a digital screen showing point graphs

Online monitoring dynamic adjustment

worker on a device monitoring a computer screen.

90% of our machines are intelligently connected and controlled.

worker controlling robotic arms with a device

90% of our process are with automated production