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Titanium Bars

TC Titanium is a company that is focused on producing the best quality titanium bars.

TC Titanium bars are all produced as double VAR, (melted twice) and will not leave our floor until each bar is UT inspected per AMS-2631. Committed to Quality, Committed to You, is our motto. As you know, Titanium is the metal of choice because it’s much lighter than Aluminum and much stronger than Steel. Titanium’s weight to strength ratio is the reason why many industries are using it in today’s manufacturing applications.

Titanium bars can retain its strength well up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.   With the combination of high-temperature resistance along with lightweight, Titanium makes the perfect metal of choice for your application. Titanium bars have extensive use in the military and aerospace industries; as both industries have products or parts that are exposed to the atmosphere, Titanium combined with oxygen forms a film that can withstand substances that can make other metals rust, particularly salt water.  Titanium’s corrosive resistance makes it the metal of choice for many industries.

Titanium bars are commonly used because of the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight. Titanium is stronger and lighter in weight than steel. Its strength to weight ratio is why it is used in industries that require long-lasting products in rigorous field applications and withstanding high-temperature elements.
  • Safe. Medical Grade Titanium (6AL-4V ELI) or Gr. 23 does not react with the human body making it safe for medical use in dental implants, knee joints, and medical hardware like cervical pins, screws, etc.
  • Strength. An alloy of titanium and other metals or elements makes it a metal that is very strong like steel, yet weight less than aluminum.
  • Resistant to rusting. While almost all metal rust when a substance such as acids, salt water, and other chemical solutions are added, titanium is corrosion resistant making it the metal of choice for marine applications.

Our bars come as titanium round bars that are available in many grades. Our clients use them as follows:

  • Serves as the foundation to make a building stronger and be able to resist any form of trouble.
  • Used in making body parts of space crafts, airframes, and air engine parts.
  • They can be used to make bicycles, laptops, golf clubs, and crutches.
  • Produce part of ships that can easily rust like in submarines, ship’s propellers, and shafts.
  • The military also uses titanium in the production of weapons.
  • In making jewelry because it is bright and beautiful and LIGHT weight.


titanium barsIn case you need high-quality low-cost bars, TC Titanium is the company to visit. Our customer service ensures that customers never have a reason to second guess a purchase from TC Titanium.

TC group, founded in 1993 used the local metalwork resources and the rich raw material in the area to start production in 2007. Since then, we saw another chance in aerospace and became the only state-approved private mill to supply Chinese aerospace. This allowed us to expand our brand by placing sales offices throughout the world making us a leader in the titanium global supply chain.

We provide a complete line of pure and alloy titanium bars for sale. Available forms of titanium bars include round, square and rectangular. Available titanium bars also vary by alloy and diameter. All our material certified and comes with mill certifications and traceability.

We are a stocked global supplier of titanium bar and we make it easy for you to find the product you need. Many of our bar orders ship the same day. You can order as little as you want. Make your large-scale or small-scale order today. Simply Visit our website at www.tctitaniumusa.com for more information.

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