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Titanium Tube

Titanium has gained popularity due to its low density and high strength. The combination of these qualities makes it an ideal metal for the commercial plane and the military compared to stainless steel. We produce seamless titanium tubes under ASTM/ASME standards.

Our titanium tubes are used in various industries such as the medical industry, nuclear industry, sporting equipment, paper and pulp industry, marine industry, and petrochemical and chemical industry. TC Titanium uses state of the art machinery and technology to produce high-quality titanium tubes under stringent conditions.

Advantages of Titanium Tubes

  1. Superior chemical resistance. Our titanium tubes have a chemical resistance higher than that of steel. The high strength to weight ratio makes it an ideal choice for use in the various application. For example, titanium does not interact with chemicals when used in analytical instruments.
  2. Biocompatibility: our titanium tubes are nonmagnetic thereby making them ideal for medical uses. Our titanium tubes manufacture artificial bones for temporal or permanent replacement in humans.
  3. Cost saving: the density of titanium tubes is 60% that of nickel or steel alloy. This characteristic gives a significant weight reduction of aircraft. This translates to cost savings in the aerospace industry.

Titanium Grades and Application

Titanium tubes come in different grades to suit different purposes. The following are some of the titanium grades that we provide:

  1. Grade 1 CP-Ti: The unique qualities of grade 1 titanium tube include high resistance to corrosion; high ductility and it is soft. This grade of titanium is used in the medical field to manufacture tubes that need kink resistance and a high degree of flexibility.
  2. Grade 5 6AL4V Extruded tube: TC Titanium develops the hot extrusion process to make a grade 5 hollow tube with the grade 5 alloy properties. This process alloys you to save time and money from the traditional boring of a solid grade 5 bar. This process includes short leadtime and minimal order.
  3. Grade 9 Ti: these category of titanium tubes is light and very strong. Grade 9 is used in the Motorsport industry and aerospace hydraulic lines. The reduced weight allows facilitates quicker acceleration and deceleration in motorcycles. Our titanium tubes can withstand high temperatures during racing. Grade 9 is offered in cwsr and annealed condition.
  4. Ti-6242: These categories of titanium tube can withstand temperatures of above 500 degrees. The metals density is 4.54 g/cc³ offering excellent stability and mechanical strength. This grade of titanium tube manufactures jet engine compressors and airframes.

About TC Titanium

TC Titanium is the only company providing quality titanium tubes around this region. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with every question you ask our customer care representative. TC Titanium Company founded in 1993, used local metal resources to kick-start production in 2007. We have ventured into several industries such as aerospace providing quality titanium tubes. We are now a leading manufacturer of titanium tubes, and our offices span the world.

We make it easier for you to find the right grade of titanium you are looking for in the market. Products manufactured at TC Titanium undergoes thorough testing and certification to ensure traceability. Many of the titanium tubes orders ship the same day. Thus, place your order whether large scale or small scale. For more information visit our website at www.tctitaniumusa.com.

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