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Titanium Powder

Titanium Alloy Powder, titanium alloy scrap powder, spherical Ti6AL4V ELI powder, spherical alloy powder, titanium metal powder


Titanium alloy powder is made from titanium alloy scrap ( comes form the surface of pure ingot or bar) or titanium alloy bar. The particle shape has two: irregular and spherical. Titanium alloy powder is typically used in powder metallurgy, spray coating, etc.

Types of titanium alloy powder, including irregular and spherical powder:

Irregular titanium alloy powderTi %
Al %
Mg %
Fe %
V %
N %
C %
H %
O %
Particle Size
Gr 5 powder
  (Ti 6Al 4V powder)
Spherical titanium alloy powder

TC Titanium also offers other forms of Titanium Powder.  Pure Titanium Powder and Hydrogenated Powder. Contact our sales team for details and availability for your Titanium powder applications.

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