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Titanium plate

TC Titanium uses 100% titanium sponge to produce our Titanium plate. Unlike others who buy titanium scrap of different grades and re-melt. TC Titanium can offer custom cut sizes and shapes by water-Jet, EDM, or Saw.  We can also offer full size plate. Titanium plate is used in several industries.

Industries using TC Titanium material:


Aerospace Industry

With Airbus, Boeing, and Rolls Royce approved certification; Our titanium plate is currently being used for aero structures, turbine raw material, landing gear, and rapid plasma deposition (RPD) for aero structural titanium parts.



Titanium is corrosive resistant and can withstand the harshest elements. Because of this feature, several companies in the industrial industry prefer titanium for their application. 

TC Titanium represents a wide variety of companies who use our titanium plates in their piping, tubing, fittings, and fixtures. Our Titanium plates are also used to line holding tanks, knife manufacturing, racing car parts, recreational vehicle exhaust, vacuum heads, and many more.


Laptop Computers / Cell Phones

Titanium plate / sheet are very light and durable and can be processed with a beautiful surface finish. TC Titanium supplies plate / sheet to the largest electronic manufactures for Laptop and cell phone manufacturing.


Architecture and Art

Titanium plates are durable and can have a sleek and elegant look if processed correctly.  Titanium plate is ordered for use for the sleek look of surface buildings and sculptures as well as panels for skyscrapers and museums. That is not all, Titanium plate has also been used to build Memorials and statues and to provide internal structural support for buildings.



Because of the strength to weight ratio of titanium, it is a preferred metal for tactical and armor.  These two qualities are the reason our customers use titanium to build armor and protection gear and tactical weapons.  The ballistic attributes of our titanium plates which is not common are why our clients use them for this purpose. Armor made of titanium plates are more comfortable to wear as well as light weight.


Grades of Titanium Sheet and Plate:

TC Titanium manufactures Titanium plates of various grades. Below are descriptions of each class and the ways our client’s typically use it.


Titanium Grade 1

Also known as CP-4 Gr.1 or Commercially pure Ti Grade 1. This grade is 99.09% pure titanium. It contains little oxygen and is considered the softest alloy which is ideal for cold forming and corrosive environments. This grade is typically used for airframe skins, heat exchangers, and desalination units.


Titanium Grade 2

Titanium Grade 2 is also unalloyed and pure titanium commonly known as CP-3 Gr. 2. Grade 2 is 98.9% Titanium. Slightly stronger than grade 1. However, carries the same characteristics which allow great ductility, weldability, and strength making it a perfect grade for fabrication and corrosive environments. Commonly used in airframes, aircraft engines, marine parts, etc.


Titanium Grade 3

Titanium grade 3 also known as CP-2 Gr. 3 is a pure titanium grade with a higher tensile and yield which makes it stronger than Gr. 1 and Gr. 2. Also sharing the same qualities as the previous grades, CP Gr. 3 is an excellent choice for ease of fabrication, weldability, and corrosive environments. Commonly used for building airframes and aircraft engine parts.


Titanium Grade 4

Titanium grade 4 also known as CP-1 Gr. 4 is the strongest pure titanium of the CP group. Notable for great ductility, weldability, strength and corrosive resistant. Commonly used in the chemical industry, Marine industry, airframes, aircraft engine parts, surgical implants, and hydraulic tubing.


Titanium Grade 5

Titanium grade 5 (6AL-4V). It is made from a combination of two metals. It contains 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium. Ti Gr. 5 is the most common grade that is being used daily by several industries. Ti Gr 5 is heat treatable and is used in Marine, Aerospace, Chemical, Tactical, Medical, Sports, Fasteners, etc.

Buy from a Certified, Quality Import Mill

When sourcing for high-quality, low-cost titanium plates, TC Titanium can help.  Our material and quality control process ensure that customers never have a reason to second guess a purchase from an import titanium mill.

TC group founded in 1993 used the local metal work resources and the abundant raw material in the area to start production in 2007. Since then, we saw another chance in aerospace and became the only state-approved private mill to supply Chinese aerospace. The opportunity allowed us to expand our brand by placing sales offices throughout the world making us a leader in the titanium global supply chain.

We provide a complete line of pure and alloy titanium plates for sale. Available forms of titanium plates are Titanium grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5. All our material is fully certified and comes with mill certifications and traceability.

We are a stocked global supplier of titanium plates, and we make it easy for you to find the product you need. Many of our plates orders ship the same day. You can order as little as you want. Make your large-scale or small-scale order today. Just visit our website at www.tctitaniumusa.com for more information.



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