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Titanium Casting

Titanium Castings, Grade 5 Alloy; Aerospace, Power Generation, Tactical.

Titanium Castings are typically used for harsh environments where corrosion resistance is critical.

Aerospace and Power generation industries are known to use Titanium castings to produce turbine blades with complex shapes or cooling systems. Titanium castings are also widely used by firearm manufacturers to fabricate firearm receivers, hammers, and other precision parts.

Advantages of Titanium Casting:

  • Strength and lightweight: As strong as most common steels with less than 40% of the counterpart’s weight
  • Corrosion resistance: Almost as resistant to chemical attack as platinum. One of best candidates for seawater and chemical handling components
  • Cosmetic appeal: Titanium cosmetic and technical appeal even out-performs the precious metals especially in the consumer marketplace

­TC Titanium takes pride in their technology advancement and state of the art facility to produce Titanium castings in various grades to the International Standards. TC Titanium also offers custom castings per customer required specifications with low minimum order and quick production time.

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