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GR12 Titanium Sheet

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Titanium Alloy Grade 12 has outstanding corrosion resistance and a combination of high strength and low density, with good ductility. Small additions of nickel and molybdenum have been made to this alloy resulting increase in corrosion resistance and high strength. It is particularly suitable for use in mildly reducing conditions, or where conditions vary from oxidizing to reducing. It is particularly resistant to crevice corrosion in hot brines.

Typical Applications of grade 12:

 Many of the applications of grade 12 titanium are in the chemical industries. The common uses in Australia are in chemical processing, where titanium grade 12 is used for reactor autoclaves, piping and fittings, valves, heat exchanges and condensers.

Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile strength, MPa  (min)Yield strength, MPa  (min)Elongation, %(min)Reduction of Area, %(min)

Chemical Component

GradeTiMoNiN, maxC, maxH, maxFe, maxO, maxResiduals max eachResiduals max total

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