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Our Texas facility has multiple uses. It stocks common bar sizes in Grade 5. And it’s also used as a HUB for our customers. Typically, when ordering material from an off-shore vendor, you must pay the full balance before it ships or at least a percentage. Most items come in via Ocean. Which takes 20-30 days for it to arrive to the nearest port. Our Texas HUB allows the convenience for customers to order material on a custom blanket agreement without having to pay upfront for their material. And It will be stocked and always 3-5 days shipping from wherever you are in the U.S. Best of all, whatever has shipped will be invoiced on a NET 30 (OAC). Your cash flow can now be used elsewhere.

TC Titanium U.S division will go another step to accommodate you! We offer off-site consignment inventory. Based on your usage, you can stock our material at your location. A finance plan or agreement will be put into place to accommodate your company (OAC).

As many off shore vendors have been exporting Titanium into the U.S, most of these small vendors / brokers are buying from small manufacturing companies that are producing titanium incorrectly. Incorrect manufacturing + low cost titanium = a disaster during your machining or application process. As well as a bad name for TRUE mill manufactures like TC Titanium.

TC TITANIUM would like you to know that we want to ensure a RISK-FREE experience when using our Titanium in your application. We stand by our quality, and we will take back any material that does not meet the titanium specs you order and provide a full refund or replacement including the shipping cost.

We encourage everyone to get a quote with no obligation and compare it to your current vendor. We promise low prices without comprising quality.

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